PALS June - August 2019

Unlike many other distilled spirits, rum production methods actually vary quite a lot from distillery to distillery, producer to producer. Yet, in actual fact there are only two legal requirements; it must be distilled from some form of sugarcane, and it must be aged for a minimum of two years. Outside of this, distillers are free to create and impart their very own impressions on their rum. Depending on the style they are looking to create, some prefer their rum to be younger and fresher with less age. Then there’s those who are looking for development and complexity that can only come with the ageing process. Then, others prefer to add their secret recipe of spices to truly create a drink like no other with ingredients such as cinnamon and vanilla often used. $ 53 .99 perbottle $ 56 .99 perbottle $ 69 .99 perbottle $ 99 .99 perbottle $ 56 .99 perbottle $ 107 perbottle DIPLOMATICO RESERVA EXCLUSIVA 700ml ANGOSTURA 7YO CARIBBEAN 700ml HAVANA CLUB 7YO 700ml FLOR DE CANA GRAN RESERVA 7YO 700ml BONER’S SUNSHINE BUTTER SMOKEY SWEET RUM 500ml RON VALDEFLORES 8YO 750ml BACARDI 8YO ANEJO 700ml $ 58 .99 perbottle sweet t asu s to diSco r 3