PALS December 2019 - February 2020

4 THE SPIRIT APEROL APERITIVO 700ml Add Prosecco, dash of soda and a slice of Orange and you’ve created an authentic Aperol Spritz. $23.99 per bottle COINTREAU 700ml Nothing quite says Summer like a Cointreau, Lime & Soda – zesty & lively and really easy to drink. $46.99 per bottle DE BOURBEL GIN 700ml A slice of orange, with a 3:1 ratio with Schweppes Indian Tonic results in a fine G&T. $79.99 per bottle 5 NINES RARE DRY GIN 700ml A truly unique SA gin filled with botanicals from the Flinders Ranges, best served neat with a sprig of thyme. $77.99 per bottle SOHO LYCHEE LIQUEUR 700ml Tropical fruit from bottle to glass, it adds an interesting note to many cocktails yet equally impressive in a tall glass just with soda. $31.99 per bottle RATU 10YO WHITE RUM 700ml Sip it, or create with it. Equally as impressive neat as it is in a classic Mojito. $59.99 per bottle