PALS December 2019 - February 2020

5 OF SUMMER SAUSAGE TREE VODKA 700ml A fascinating, lightly fruity and herbaceous vodka which will add an extra layer of intrigue to any cocktail. $73.99 per bottle BROOKIES DRY GIN 700ml Byron Bay is the place to be during Summer, and now we’ve got a gin that encapsulates this atmosphere. $67.99 per bottle KIS WILD GIN 700ml One of the few Aussie gins made with native juniper, a traditional dry style which with a hint of lime make a cracking G&T. $83.99 per bottle SUNTORY CHITA WHISKY 700ml Served with soda and a wedge of lemon, the ultimate whisky refreshment in a highball. $89.99 per bottle PATRON SILVER TEQUILA 700ml Margarita’s…. Need we say anything else. Perfection! $81.99 per bottle SPYTAIL SPICED RUM 700ml Dry Ginger with a wedge and squeeze of fresh lime, the heat of Summer will disappear in an instant. $53.99 per bottle