PALS June - August 2019

$ 26 .99 perbottle $ 17 .99 perbottle $ 47 .99 perbottle $ 21 .99 perbottle $ 21 .99 perbottle BOLD and they’ve got the pizazz and panache of any great headline act. Each with its own special write up (label) by its passionate Manager (maker) - in case there was ever any doubt!. So grab one of these BIG BOLD standouts and savour their tasty performance from beginning to end - and who knows, partner it up with your talents (flavours) of a delicious slow cooked lamb or beef recipe, and it all could end up being a “musical piece” earning many standing ovations and praises! 7 CHARLES MELTON CABERNET SAUVIGNON 750ml SHOWBLOCK VINEYARDS ‘VINNIE’ 750ml ROBERT JOHNSON SINGLE VINEYARD SHIRAZ 750ml THISTLEDOWN GORGEOUS GRENACHE 750ml SOUL GROWERS ‘PROVIDENT’ SHIRAZ 750ml PAISLEY WINES ‘TURNTABLE’ GSM 750ml $ 25 .99 perbottle