PALS September - November 2019

Sweet, Sweet SPRINGTIME $ 36 .99 perbottle $ 23 .99 per6pack GINSCATO 275ml bottles $ 24 .99 per4pack AMBRA LIMONCELLO 500ml bottle $ 29 .99 perbottle FIORENTE ELDERFLOWER LIQUEUR 700ml bottle $ 46 .99 perbottle $ 31 .99 perbottle RIESLINGFREAK NO 8 750ml bottle Made using 100% fresh Australian fruit with no added sugar, flavour or concentrate. Salmon pink in colour and has lifted sweet plum, almost musk stick aromas. Elegant with a crisp clean pallet and well-balanced mouth watering acidity. This is the crème de la crème of Moscato. Perfectly balanced sweetness and acidity leave even the most discerning palates in astonishment. Perfect to enjoy with great friends, a fruit platter equalling good times. No.8 is made in the style of a German Kabinett. The grapes are harvested early, allowing low alcohol, and a high sugar content in the wine. The sugar is then balanced by the large amount of natural acid still in the grapes. Made from wild grown elderflowers, this liqueur is incredibly versatile. It provides the ultimate refreshment to any aperitivo style drink, and adds backbone to many other more complex cocktails. Made right here in Adelaide, this is a Limoncello that leaves the Italians gasping at its quality. The perfect zesty lemon character shines and is balanced by mouthfeel and texture. Gin blended with Moscato – who would’ve thought to combine two of the biggest drinks crazes. The end result is an appetising blend of flavours and sweetness in a product that is unlike any other. VIETTI MOSCATO DʼASTI 750ml bottle HILLS CIDER APPLE & DAVIDSON PLUM 330ml bottles