PALS June - August 2019

GUINNESS DRAUGHT 440ml cans $ 19 .99 per6pack FOX HAT PHAT MONGREL STOUT 375ml cans $ 21 .99 per4pack BIG SHED BREWING GOLDEN STOUT TIME 330ml bottles $ 33 .99 per6pack MISMATCH EVIL ARCHIEʼS RED IPA 375ml cans $ 26 .99 per4pack BRIDGE ROAD ROBUST PORTER 330ml bottles $ 18 .99 per4pack COOPERS BEST EXTRA STOUT 375ml bottles $ 16 .99 per6pack Undoubtedly as the colder winter weather sets in, its the perfect chance to enjoy some beers that are full-flavoured and warming. Nearly every new brewer that we come across has got a cracking good example of one of them – whether it be a Stout, Porter, Amber or Red Ale, it really doesn’t matter. They all offer rich, full flavours with an inner warmth meaning that whilst you won’t want to smash ten of them in a single session, they’re still approachable enough to enjoy a few without ‘knocking you around’. So grab some mates, stoke up the fire, and enjoy a couple of our favourites. Winter BEERS GOODIESONS CHOCOLATE STOUT 330ml bottles $ 34 .99 per6pack SMILING SAMOYED DARK ALE 330ml bottles $ 24 .99 per6pack